Why Should I Share My Story?

The process of “life review,” or compiling and sharing life stories, can be
a powerful experience for both storytellers and their loved ones. It is an opportunity to preserve memories, bring generations together, and create a lasting legacy.

In addition, studies have shown that telling your story can enhance mental and emotional well-being by enabling you to:

• Derive a sense of accomplishment from past achievements • Resolve old conflicts and feelings of ambivalence
• Reaffirm past and present values
• Create fulfilling future goals

How do I get started?

stroyYou can find a variety of resources both online and in print. You may also want to contact a personal historian: a dedicated professional who can help you tell your story. Services offered may include:

  • Audio recordings
  • Legacy letters
  • Memoir and tribute books
  • Videos
  • Personal mentoring and workshops
  • Transcription, editing, design, & printingArticle provided by The Portland Chapter of the
    Association of Personal Historians, which has members throughout Northwest Oregon and Southwest Washington. Many offer free, one – hour consultations to answer questions and discuss the vision of your project.For a link to this resource and more visit www.DepartingDecisions.com/Guide

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