Advance Care Planning

Take control of the medical treatment you receive.

No matter who you are, how old you are, where you live or which superhero powers you may possess, it is hard for anyone to tell what the future will hold.

A car accident?  Dementia? Heart attack? The list goes on. What if an accident or illness took away your ability to speak? Does anyone know what type of treatment you want? Do you want to extend life hooked up to tubes and wires? There are so many questions your family, friends and doctors would ask but you can no longer speak. This is where Advanced Care Planning can help.

WHAT is it:
Advance care planning is about considering the medical treatment and care you want to receive if you become unable to speak for yourself.

WHY it matters:
Because leaving these matters for your family to decide is not very nice. It is hard enough for your family to deal with the crisis at hand, leaving them responsible for making these decisions on your behalf is even worse.

WHO should do it:
Everyone. No matter who you are – none of us know what tomorrow will bring. It could happen instantly with an accident or gradually with an illness like dementia.

WHEN can it be done:
Now. Ask your doctor, nurse, local hospital or estate attorney for the forms. Links to state specific documents can also be found via

WHERE should I keep the completed forms:  
Keep a copy in a safe place, but remember that others need to know about your wishes in case of emergency. Give additional copies to your doctor(s), designated medical representative, estate attorney and family members.

“Advance care planning allows us to consider the possibilities of the future; make informed choices; and be in control now, while we are still able to speak for ourselves” Christy Turner, CTC Dementia Care Management.

View and download the necessary legal forms for all 50 states.

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