Memorial & Prayer Cards Serve As Lasting Tributes

Prayer cards are the perfect keepsake a memorial tribute to a departed loved one. They can be distributed to the attendees during wakes, memorial services, church services, funeral services.  Cards can also be inserted into thank you/acknowledgement notes after the funeral and sent to those family and friends that were unable to attend the funeral service. Funeral or memorial prayer cards are a special keepsake because of its convenient sizing, everyone can keep them in a purse or wallet, or tucked away in your Bible.

These mementos are available in standard pre-printed designs to accommodate various religions in the traditional fashion of having a sacred/spiritual image on one side and on the reverse side, your loved one’s name, dates of birth and death and an appropriate prayer or poem.

There also non-sectarian and alternatively fully customizable memorial cards in celebration of a life well lived to include your own sentiment, a favorite poem or eulogy and have the option of a color photo of your loved one. The funeral or memorial service details, the obituary and final resting place may also be used to further render the card a memorial keepsake.

Sometimes the funeral home is able to provide these prayer cards. You may also discover that the church in which the funeral service is being held will provide the memorial card.  There are many excellent businesses that specialize in prayer card customization and printing.  They offer ease of selection in the design, the layout, the type of paper, lamination, and speedy printing and delivery service.


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