Features of Caskets

There are many important factors to consider when choosing the best casket for a loved one who has passed away. Caskets can be used either to bury the body, or the cremated remains, of the deceased’s body. In the U.S., caskets are designed under a wide range of styles. The prices set for caskets as well as the materials used to make them vary widely.

There are six main types of caskets available for use by the public. These types include laminate, solid wood, steel, cloth covered, veneered wood as well as solidified copper or bronze. Materials used in making these types of caskets are plywood, mahogany or oak, steel, pressed plywood and fiberboard as well as copper or bronze respectively.

Some of the main features of the casket includes the presence of either full or half couches. This simply means that the casket lid is designed either as two pieces or one piece. Caskets also typically have inner linings on their lids, some caskets are even made to be waterproof.

High end caskets may be fitted with commemorative panels in addition to specialized hardware. Some may have internal lifts that enable the tilting of the casket during viewings so guests can view the deceased’s body easier.

Many caskets include extra external features as well as interior elements, some help aid in the handling & moving of the casket as well as with ornamental purposes. For good preservation a rubber gasket is included in caskets for the purpose of allowing as little air as possible to penetrate in. This makes the casket last longer while also preserving the body from decomposing.

On average, caskets cost between $2,000-5,000 though it is still possible to acquire them for as little as $700 and as much as $20,000. If you choose to buy these caskets from others, such as a third party, you need to budget for an extra $300-600 for the cost of delivery. Of course, as with most things, prices continue to vary based on market pressures.

Close to 70% of all the caskets found in the U.S. are made by Aurora, Batesville and York. Caskets from China are also sold in the U.S. and currently make up roughly 5% of the market. There are also caskets imported from other countries and sold in the U.S. which at the moment make up around 2% of the total market of caskets in this nation.

When buying caskets from the aforementioned manufacturers, or others not listed here, you should always ask for a complete catalog of all their offers and products. The choice of a casket is a personal decision based on the preferences of the deceased or their family and their finances.


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