Giving Life after Death: Organ Donation

When you die, there are many decisions to be made about your remains. Many people choose to have their bodies cremated after death; others choose an in-ground burial; still others choose to have their remains preserved in a mausoleum. Today, thanks to the great advances in medical science, more and more people are coming to realize the life-giving benefits of organ donation. By donating your organs upon your death, you give the gift of life to many others.

Last year alone, more than one million people benefited from organ and tissue transplants and each year that number grows. By donating your organs and tissue upon your death, you make the choice to provide life saving benefits to people all over the world.

Making the choice to donate your organs is an important decision, and one that you need to make sooner rather than later. Death can strike anyone at any time, and making the decision ahead of time to donate your organs guarantees that your death will bring life to needy and dying people.

Organ donation is completely cost free to the family of the donator and people of all races, nationalities, and ages are welcome organ donors. And the majority of world religions support the life-giving concept of organ donation, so there’s no need to concern yourself over difficult ethical issues.

It’s estimated that every ten minutes, a needy patient is added to the organ donation list. Sadly, thousands of the people on this list will die before receiving the organ they need. You can help decrease those numbers and increase the number of people who are able to go on living life thanks to your organ or tissue donation. Being an organ donor allows you to give the gift of life after you die, and guarantees you will be remembered for your selfless and humble act.

As you consider your life and the good you can bring to this world, make sure to look into organ donation and how you can give the gift of life after your death. Signing up to be an organ donor is easy and will give you comfort knowing that when you die, your life will continue to bring meaning to others. You can sign up to be an organ donor at most DMV’s (when updating or getting a license/identification card) or online.


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