Funeral Songs

This article is about the latest trends in choosing songs for funerals. It focuses on one survey conducted by a leading funeral-song download website and their findings.

A leading funeral-song download website recently made an intriguing discovery when it comes to people choosing the funeral songs for their departed loved ones. For the last couple of years, we were used to hearing reflective and extremely sad songs during funerals that add to the already emotional atmosphere and move people to cry a bit harder. Now, it seems that this is already a history.

A recent survey confirms that more and more people these days are more open to choosing non-traditional funeral songs over extremely sad and reflective songs to help them not mourn but to celebrate the lives of the departed. This may indicate society’s changing values which is exciting for younger generations.

However, it’s important to note that based on the same survey, celebratory or happy songs are usually for older people who have lived their lives to the fullest and not for those who died tragically such as teenagers dying in a car accident.

People behind the survey took the time to interview individuals who were downloading the songs from their sites and revealed the most popular songs were the ones that best represented the lives of their loved ones. For example, the song “On the Bright Side of Life” was chosen for the funeral of a 60-year old dad who always looked at the bright side of everything. Others are choosing songs based on their loved ones favorite albums or performers. For example, a grandfather who idolized Elvis Presley throughout his life got the song “Heartbreak Hotel” for this funeral.

People who created the survey are still trying to gather data to confirm if this is indeed the latest trend in choosing funeral songs as the responses may just represent a small percentage of the whole population. However, it’s still refreshing to know that right now, people are more open-minded and that playing celebratory songs on funerals is no longer something that the society frown upon.


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