First Annual Party of Thanksgiving



Fall is often the season for Thanksgiving, for many it is a time to give thanks for life’s blessings, friends, family and the little things we often take for granted. For us, the season is a perfect opportunity to express our appreciation and gratitude for the community serving patients and families.

On November 11th we hosted Departing Decisions First Annual Party of Thanksgiving – to thank providers helping families with end of life planning and during the difficult moments when illness, death and grief take hold. It also happened to be Veteran’s Day so our candle lighting ceremony included a moment of gratitude and honor towards those who serve and have served our country.



Our vision was to create a warm, relaxing, and rejuvenating evening – for those who provide support and care for others to take a moment to care for themselves. Music from Sacred Flight and Threshold Choir, delicious food and drinks along with a ceremony presented by a great supporter and Departing Decisions community member, Holly Pruett – Life Cycle Celebrant. A tree of gratitude, an interactive art display was shared to give guests an opportunity write on a leaf what they were thankful for and then attach it to the tree. By the end of the evening every branch was full! What made the night even more special was the women from Threshold Choir stayed after the ceremony to invite guests to partake in a song bath— a chance for individuals to sit back, relax, and receive songs of care, chosen just for them. The beauty of the evening continued even after everyone left – we were able to donate the extra food to the Red Cross warming shelter held in the church gymnasium and the tree of gratitude was handed down to a teacher for use in her classroom – how great is that!

Here is what guests and participants had to say about our inaugural event:

“Departing Decisions Thanksgiving party was a truly wonderful event!  It was so enjoyable and encouraging to meet so many professionals whose values and mission align with what we do!”

“It was such a rich time for us; I am still digesting the nourishment of time spent talking and singing with people there.  Our singers were enlivened by the experience, joy still alive in singers I talked to today.”

“Lovely event, Angela! It truly reflected the mission, and I was delighted to be part of celebrating the success of Departing Decisions.”

We are already envisioning how grand next year’s event will be! Do you know of community members who should be included in next year’s event? Please contact us here.

Additional thanks goes to:
Nathan Williams from VanEarl Photography for capturing the evening.
Our advertisers who’s financial support enable the guide to reach thousands throughout the Portland Metro area.
Our ambassadors who share the guide in their community.
Friends of Departing Decisions for their continued support.
Imago Dei Community Church for their support and the ability to use their facility that evening.



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