Burial at Sea

burial at sea

Burial at Sea

According to the Cremation Association of North America, by 2018, the US cremation rate is projected to reach 50.6%. And as the green movement continues, more and more families and individuals are looking out to the sea as their final resting place.

Burial at sea is offered by a number of companies across the nation, as well as the military. Burial at sea may include burial in a casket, burial sewn in sailcloth, burial in an urn or scattering of cremated remains.

Depending on the deceased, the bereaved will have to choose a company that will perform the burial or memorial at sea. Also, there are certain military restrictions that will need to be taken into consideration if a veteran or active duty person is to be buried at sea. Currently, the Environmental Protection Agency’s ocean and coastal unit, oversees burials in American waters based on geographical regions. And, based on where you conduct the burial, different paperwork is required, so be sure to do the proper research and submit your paperwork.

Some Options Available To You and Your Loved Ones
As you explore this option, here’s a few services that you can expect to find:

Captain’s Service
If the family can’t join for the ash scattering ceremony, you can generally hire a captain with proper licenses to conduct the ash scattering ceremony for you. The remains can be transported to the burial at sea firm, and the firm handles all of the proper documentation as well. The cost starts from $150 depending on the region.

Memorial Services by Family
For families who wish to plan for their personal memorial voyage, these companies provide all necessary things (the vessel, the crew, the ship) to have a proper burial at sea. One has to select the desired time, arrangements, and place and can invite a specified number of guests to attend (depends on the captain, ship and pricing). These companies will also help one to plan for this special ceremony on every detailed aspect. Lunch, dinners and transportation can also be arranged for the invitees.

Has your loved one received a burial at sea? Leave us a comment and share your story.


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