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Angela Kienholz

As Publisher and CEO, Angela’s motivation to create Departing Decisions stemmed from the death of three family members from cancer, heart disease and dementia. Through it all, neither her or her family had a resource to guide them through the difficult decisions and tough topics related to aging, illness, death and grief. Angela has over 13 years of experience in global operations, product development, client management and entrepreneurship.

Carolina Velis

Carolina brings more than 15 years of digital strategy, mobile marketing, and customer experience to Departing Decisions. 
Prior to joining the team, Carolina directed social media, mobile marketing and customer experience strategies for Intel’s global web presence and advertising/marketing agencies in New York City and Washington DC.

Diane Arthur Kukish

We take pride in presenting resources that are easy for all ages to read and understand – especially to prepare for and face life’s toughest moments. Diane is the woman behind the design of Departing Decisions semi-annual workbooks and provider directories. She brings nearly 10 years of creative expertise to the team and her keen eye and sophistication contribute to what you see today.


Become A Member

Are you a trustworthy and credible professional in the community? Do you provide exceptional service and deserve to be highlighted?  Looking to stand apart from the crowd? Apply to join our network of professionals serving families and patients before, during and after a death.

Contributing Writers

Do you love to keep up on the latest healthcare and end of life planning trends? Have ideas to share with the world? Looking to expand your writing portfolio? We are looking for contributing writers to educate and empower our readers to age well, die well and be remembered well. Is that you?

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