7 Ways to Support a Friend on Mother’s Day After A Loss

Did you know that Mother's Day originated from one woman's idea to honor her late mother? In 1905, Anne Jarvis decided to create a day to keep the memory of her mother alive and honor her work as a peace activist who cared for wounded soldiers on both sides of the Civil war. Anne's intent was to encourage others to show their appreciation for their own mother by giving her a hand written and personalized note of thanks. She never imagined that within 15 years Mother's Day would become a nationally recognized (and very commercialized) holiday.

For some, Mother's Day is far from a "Hallmark Holiday". It's accompanied with days of emotion leading up to Sunday and often brings with it grief that is usually pushed aside any other time of the year. We can bet that you probably know someone who has lost a child or their mother so we have 7 tips to share on how to support a friend or family member during this time.

Send a Card - After all that is what Hallmark is for right? If you're too late to send something via snail mail there are great sites to send free online cards via 123Greetings.com or BlueMountain Cards. Even sending a simple text or email to let them know you are thinking about them on this day can bring hope and a brighter spirit for your friend.


Invite Them Over to Enjoy a Meal Together - Whether it is their favorite dish, the one their mom used to make them or that soulful comfort food that we all crave once in awhile - we all need a little pampering. Mother's Day is a great day to do that for a friend who needs that extra love and support during these times. Make the meal for them or invite them over so you can prepare the it together.

Give The Gift of Flowers - Spring time makes it a perfect opportunity to grab a bouquet of colorful flowers for your friend. Add a personal touch by writing a note to include showing your friend that you are thinking about them. Be sure to consider what their wishes would be - some people may prefer a bottle of wine or a plant that can live longer than cut flowers. 

Grab a Cup of Coffee or a Cocktail Together - Downtime over coffee, tea or a cocktail can give both of you an opportunity to catch up or may give your friend an opening to share their thoughts and feelings about this time of year.

Watch a Movie or Show Together - Some friends love a sappy movie and a good cry and that is ok - join in for a movie and pj's night. Maybe your friend prefers a comedy - tears of joy can be had then too. Call us silly, but we believe crying to be a way to relieve sadness and pent up feelings in the midst of grief and anxiety holidays like Mother's Day.

Plant a Tree - A tree can create a legacy that lives on longer than a card, coffee or flowers. It brings life and hope through its beauty and majesty for years to come. Ask your friend if they would like a new tree planted in their yard, in your yard or maybe they would be interested in donating the tree to bring joy to a nearby park or neighbors yard. 

Offer to Take a Walk - Nature can do wonders for the soul and taking a moment to enjoy some fresh air with your friend can be a simple way to show you care.


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