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What is Mindful Grieving?

Grief is powerful and universal. It is something we all experience at some point in our lives. Most of us are poorly equipped to deal with it effectively because we resist the pain, fatigue, feelings and continue longing for what was. If you had a flat tire, would you change it with your bare hands? Of course not, you would use tools. So why not learn the tools of Mindful Grieving to move through grief? You can practice Mindful Grieving by: 1) Recognizing the many facets of grief: fatigue and tired to the bone; overwhelm and don’t know what to do next; constant changes in emotion; aches and pain in the body. 2) Feeling, listening to and experiencing the fear of grief vanish by taking time each day to be in grief. Give it your attention by talking to your loved one’s photo, crying regularly in the shower or the car. 3) Take really good care of yourself for that entire first year. Ask: “What is the most kind and loving thing I can do for Myself in this moment?”  ... read more

Why Should I Share My Story?

The process of “life review,” or compiling and sharing life stories, can be a powerful experience for both storytellers and their loved ones. It is an opportunity to preserve memories, bring generations together, and create a lasting legacy. In addition, studies have shown that telling your story can enhance mental and emotional well-being by enabling you to: • Derive a sense of accomplishment from past achievements • Resolve old conflicts and feelings of ambivalence • Reaffirm past and present values • Create fulfilling future goals How do I get started? You can find a variety of resources both online and in print. You may also want to contact a personal historian: a dedicated professional who can help you tell your story. Services offered may include: Audio recordings Legacy letters Memoir and tribute books Videos Personal mentoring and workshops Transcription, editing, design, & printingArticle provided by The Portland Chapter of the Association of Personal Historians, which has members throughout Northwest Oregon and Southwest Washington. Many offer free, one – hour consultations to answer questions and discuss the vision of your project.For a link to this resource and more visit... read more

Stanford Letter Project

Did you know? New research at Stanford University shows that most doctors are reluctant to talk to their patients about what matters most at end-of-life. The Standford Letter Project will help you write a simple letter to your doctor about your values and life goals. Many people have written their letters and given them to their doctors. Write your letter now! The link at the bottom of the page will take you to the letter in different languages. Dear Doctor, My Doctor’s name _________________________________ RE: What matters most to me at the end of my life I have been reading and thinking about end-of-life issues lately. I realize how important it is that I communicate my wishes to you and my family. I know that you are very busy. You may find it awkward to talk to me about my end-of-life wishes or you may feel that it is too early for me to have this conversation. So I am writing this letter to clarify what matters most to me. My name ______________________________________ What Matters Most to Me Examples: Being at home, doing gardening, going to church, playing with my grandchildren ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ My important future life milestones Examples: my 10th wedding anniversary, my grandson high school graduation, birth of my granddaughter ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ Here is how we prefer to handle bad news in my family Examples: We talk openly about it, we shield the children from it, we do not like to talk about it, we do not tell the patient ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ Here is how we make medical decisions in our family Examples: I make the decision... read more

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